Who We Are


" Signifying certainty, reliability, forward-looking and visionary "
The EuroUSA-SEVA team continues to solidify and maintain its global reputation for personalized and distinctive services that respect and promote sustainable environments, culturally responsible business and advanced technological support concepts.


Extensive Worldwide Experiences

As a Lifestyle Trade Representation Agency we provide you with our extensive worldwide experience in branding, public relations, innovative  content, marketing and business development in order to expand  to help you grow and develop your company. We go beyond traditional marketing strategies to create unique and effective media messages that will showcase your product in a competitive marketplace.

Since 2012

Established in 2012, we have gained a solid reputation in providing creative and highly personalized solutions that are financially competitive along with a particular emphasis on more high value business relationship seeking authentic multicultural lifestyle experiences. Although classically trained, we share the rebellious gene of questioning the status quo by applying new and cutting edge approaches.

High-End Presence

Whether your goal is to go more high-end  in the marketplace or to reach wider market for your organization, we are here to bring your aspirations to fruition. Our lifestyle expertise ranges from travel, epicurean pursuits, and architecture to the latest in fashion, art and technology. EuroUSA-SEVA’s global team members are specialists in these areas and in creating unique and captivating brand messages that work across traditional and new media platforms.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

Our philosophy has always been to promote environmental and social responsibility both in our offices and wherever we do your business.  We want to support local cultures economically and ensure that indigenous ways of life are preserved.  We offer solutions that support local partners who are vetted to ensure quality and consistency of products and services. We follow strict environmental and health standards as well as ensure our local providers are treated with respect and fairness.

Environmental statement

We are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally responsible manner, consistent with our core belief in social and corporate responsibility and with the respect and awe we feel for our planet. 

We know from experience that green business practices can be cost-effective, build customer and employee loyalty and even attract new business for our company, as well as for our partners. 

We aim to conserve, recycle and reuse on all levels, and encourage energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources within our offices; and seek out business partners and suppliers that strive for the highest levels of environmental performance with a low carbon foot print.

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